Stop presuming 

Presumption is concluding the situations based on your belief or idea. You may presume a person doesn’t like you, on the basis of your friend getting more value than you. You may presume the teacher don’t like you, because they make you stand in class quite often and ask questions.Presumption creates a wall between your thinking and the outside world, which is very hard to break. You may start thinking that your friend has started ignoring you for her new boyfriend, and so you start feeling lonely. The reason may not come from your friend, but you. You have created that mindset and you start applying it to each and every situation. Okay, I don’t ask you to be a fool and become ignorant towards every situation,but stop presuming things on your own. If you feel something, say it. Want an explanation, get it. Presumption often leads to overthinking which causes depression, stress and what not. You got to be happy, on your own, with people you feel great. And come on, don’t be dependant on a single person for your happiness. If they don’t have time for you, don’t waste your time for them. But don’t ever, ever, ever judge a person on your presumptions.