The ‘Reunion’

A group message suddenly popped up from her chat box . Written in bold letters “Reunion”. There was already a discussion going on in the group. Her heart started pounding really fast. She was not one of those introverts or the one who hated school, but the people which were there in the group got her back to all those bad memories.

 She recalled all the things they said to her, did to her and felt more depressive when she realised that she also had some ‘good’ memories of them. Those good memories made her regret more and more. She knew school was fun, but if she was asked to confront some of her mates, she would literally be broken. She was told that they hated her, and no matter what she ll do to them, they are never going to like her, but these words of truth doesn’t remove the imprints of things they did to her. She had already closed that chapter of her life , she knew it would bring back the pain she had suffered, may be the frustration on those people, whom she was trying to forget to move on. She was happy with her solitary confinement in her own self. So, all she did was LEFT the group and thought to herself 



Author: shrucom

#Thinker#law student#crazy#explorer#curious#singer#dancer

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