Come on,promise yourself

What a day to start my own blog. No, it isn’t a resolution to start writing, but a hidden dream to be a blogger. To the readers, who think they are good for nothing, I want to make it clear that the world itself is clearly filled with imperfections. Nobody is actually perfect, but those who are successfull have the courage to face failures.So, just promise yourself to try, and try and try and this time try doing whatever you dreamt of without even thinking about success. Success is for a pinch of time, short lived, but it is experience and lessons that matter. Sing loudly, make weird dubsmash videos, capture photos, dance on old regional songs, without fear of getting judged, eat your favorite food. Just be happy. Promise yourself that you won’t stop trying and making yourself happy…



Author: shrucom

#Thinker#law student#crazy#explorer#curious#singer#dancer

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