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The ‘Reunion’

A group message suddenly popped up from her chat box . Written in bold letters “Reunion”. There was already a discussion going on in the group. Her heart started pounding really fast. She was not one of those introverts or the one who hated school, but the people which were there in the group got her back to all those bad memories.

 She recalled all the things they said to her, did to her and felt more depressive when she realised that she also had some ‘good’ memories of them. Those good memories made her regret more and more. She knew school was fun, but if she was asked to confront some of her mates, she would literally be broken. She was told that they hated her, and no matter what she ll do to them, they are never going to like her, but these words of truth doesn’t remove the imprints of things they did to her. She had already closed that chapter of her life , she knew it would bring back the pain she had suffered, may be the frustration on those people, whom she was trying to forget to move on. She was happy with her solitary confinement in her own self. So, all she did was LEFT the group and thought to herself 


Being organised

Where is my file? I cannot find my earphones? I can’t find my clothes!!!These everyday situations arise for most of the people who find it difficult for themselves to be organised. 

Some find being organised as boring, uncool,etc. But, this is not true. People who are at big jobs are organised. Actors whom we praise are organised. Sportspersons are organised.

 There is nothing wrong in being organised. And it’s not as hard as it seems to be. Just keep one thing in mind: STOP PROCRASTINATION. I will keep these earphones back to their place later. I will wash clothes later. This later leads to never and leaves you with lots of pending work.

 Being organised saves a lot of time, and you never lag behind in anything. It’s important to be organised because “For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned”.

Everything will be fine

We all love mangoes.They start coming in the summer season.But as season changes, it stops coming. So, do the farmers cut the trees in winters thinking they are of no use?Instead, they nurture it, water it, so that it again starts giving mangoes in the next summers. Same is the case with life. When nothing goes right, don’t ever think about ending it. Fight it,work upon it, overcome the failures. You will find that you will be more strong, and will get success for sure. Similarly, when there are tensions in relationships, don’t think about ending them, instead nurture them, wait for right time. Everything will be fine one day. 

Stop presuming 

Presumption is concluding the situations based on your belief or idea. You may presume a person doesn’t like you, on the basis of your friend getting more value than you. You may presume the teacher don’t like you, because they make you stand in class quite often and ask questions.Presumption creates a wall between your thinking and the outside world, which is very hard to break. You may start thinking that your friend has started ignoring you for her new boyfriend, and so you start feeling lonely. The reason may not come from your friend, but you. You have created that mindset and you start applying it to each and every situation. Okay, I don’t ask you to be a fool and become ignorant towards every situation,but stop presuming things on your own. If you feel something, say it. Want an explanation, get it. Presumption often leads to overthinking which causes depression, stress and what not. You got to be happy, on your own, with people you feel great. And come on, don’t be dependant on a single person for your happiness. If they don’t have time for you, don’t waste your time for them. But don’t ever, ever, ever judge a person on your presumptions.

Being Sorry to yourself

I have come up with a great idea. Why don’t say sorry to the present ‘I’ for being that careless past ‘I’ and promise future ‘I’ to be better.See, it’s so simple, you are facing problems today because of your past deeds or because you never cared in past. You never took your health seriously, that’s why you got this chronic health problem.To revitalize situation for the future ‘I’ let’s be firm enough to be sorry for past deeds, and instead of being a regretful creature, let’s come up with new energies and zeal, to make the future ‘I’ happy.

Come on,promise yourself

What a day to start my own blog. No, it isn’t a resolution to start writing, but a hidden dream to be a blogger. To the readers, who think they are good for nothing, I want to make it clear that the world itself is clearly filled with imperfections. Nobody is actually perfect, but those who are successfull have the courage to face failures.So, just promise yourself to try, and try and try and this time try doing whatever you dreamt of without even thinking about success. Success is for a pinch of time, short lived, but it is experience and lessons that matter. Sing loudly, make weird dubsmash videos, capture photos, dance on old regional songs, without fear of getting judged, eat your favorite food. Just be happy. Promise yourself that you won’t stop trying and making yourself happy…